Harnessing Our Local Energy Futures

Friday, March 2
Evening Session 6:30 to 8:30

Three panels sessions begin at 1:00

Dodger Bowl, 318 King Street Dodgeville, WI 53533

Opposition to the Cardinal Hickory Creek high voltage transmission line proposed to go through the Town of Vermont is growing all over Southwest Wisconsin. People from the entire area will be gathering in Dodgeville for a forum on how to defeat the transmission line and what can be done instead. The three panels will feature experts from around the country with practical experience defeating these costly projects. The evening session is designed for the general pubic and is focused on practical steps to take to stop the construction of the line.
Car pool with your neighbors to this event and see what we can accomplish together to protect us from this unneeded transmission line that will be a blight on our land.

A citizens committee in Vermont Township, Wisconsin formed to provide the township residents with information and strategies regarding energy transmission with a specific focus on the proposed Cardinal-Hickory power line.

Please follow us for updates and alerts on how you can participate in decisions that will effect your property values, landowner rights, price of your energy, impacts on the local environment and changes to the rural landscape.

Click here to see current committee reports

ATC Line in the News

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Dan and Lisa's Story

The Dark Cloud of Property Value Loss

Even just the proposal of this powerline is having a detrimental effect on landowners in Vermont Township. Click here to hear Dan and Lisa's story.

Yard Signs

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And the survey says…

Results of our recent Town of Vermont Survey on the ATC line

A synopsis of what you had to say about the proposed transmission line Click here to see the results.

The Land from HEL

Land Erosion and Deforestation

Vermont Township citizen Jon Urness discuss the issues of soil type suitablity for construction of a transmission line. Click here to get Jon's perspective.