Dairyland Cooperative Scoping Letters

The Dairyland Power Cooperative, the smaller partner in the Cardinal Hickory Creek line, is borrowing tax money and comment events are required and going on now. Rural Utility Services is behind a federal loan for $25,000,000 to help build the transmission line. RUS is supposed to support rural internet and alternative energy but now they are doing this. They must conduct a process leading to an Environmental Impact Statement which they will retire to build the power line. They have hired SWCA, environmental consultants to help with this. They must record and take into account all written comments and yours are needed. Here are several ways to do this. Every step we take can make it harder to build this thing.

December 7th 4pm to 7pm Public meeting at Deer Valley in Barneveld for results of the scoping results.

January 7th End of public scoping period. All comments and form due.

Email a comment to the Rural Utilities Service. Sample letters below can be used to get you started.

Mail a postcard to the SWCA. Click here to download a PDF.

Participate in the EIS: Download this form and fill it out. Bring it to the public meeting. PDF form of Environmental Impact Study